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Pancakes with a simple stuffing

I don’t believe in “the New Russian Cuisine” or “the Russian Cuisine 2.0” formats. I can’t imagine how it is possible to add truffle oil in simple food we used to eat in our childhood days (one of chefs does it and he even wrote a book with this idea). When I mention here Russian cuisine, I mention mostly those dishes, which my mum has been cooking for me since I was a little girl.

Recipes & Stories

Aubergine paste

A very Russian way to cook aubergines when it’s time for home canning. Before long cold winter time we all want to save some summer sun. Aubergines, tomatoes, beans, fruits, berries – days and nights in a kitchen in August, days and nights in September. A lot of tasty dinners in December, January and February. Then seedlings at spring time. Horticulture all summer long. And again days and night in a kitchen with home canning. Circle of life…


1000 and one more dumpling journey

All journeys begin the same – with the first step. We do not always know in advance where the path will lead us and how long it will be, but taking the first step we give ourselves a chance to learn the answers to these questions.
Today I am in that part of my journey which has become an absolute surprise to me. I ‘ve written a cook book, have a blog, arrange dinners and culinary workshops – all about Russian cuisine. However, nothing of these in my case I do because I’m an expert, but because I’m curious and passionate. Suddenly I realized that I do not know much about my country’s cuisine. So all these are truly my way to learn Russian Cuisine.
Simply when I was a child and I made my first dumplings by the guidance of my mother, and as it turned out, it was the first step on the road of a thousand miles …


My very mushrooms soup

I started my book “The Table under an Apple Tree” from a story about time when my sister and I set out to the forest for the mushrooms in my childhood days because this soup is my favorite ever! So if I want to share with you some very special recipes I definitely choose to start from this one.

Of course it’s not typical for Russians to eat mushroom soup with dumplings. Only once I cooked and added those small dumplings with chicken to the soup because I wanted to try something interesting to impress my friends. I realized they fit together but only if you cook a thick soup and have enough time for extra actions.

Mushroom soup can be cooked with water or mushroom broth, but I prefer using light chicken stock. It makes the taste homier, and some dried mushrooms are essential, even if mushrooms are in season and I have plenty of fresh ones.