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Pancakes with a simple stuffing

I don’t believe in “the New Russian Cuisine” or “the Russian Cuisine 2.0” formats. I can’t imagine how it is possible to add truffle oil in simple food we used to eat in our childhood days (one of chefs does it and he even wrote a book with this idea). When I mention here Russian cuisine, I mention mostly those dishes, which my mum has been cooking for me since I was a little girl.

Recipes & Stories

Aubergine paste

A very Russian way to cook aubergines when it’s time for home canning. Before long cold winter time we all want to save some summer sun. Aubergines, tomatoes, beans, fruits, berries – days and nights in a kitchen in August, days and nights in September. A lot of tasty dinners in December, January and February. Then seedlings at spring time. Horticulture all summer long. And again days and night in a kitchen with home canning. Circle of life…